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Orphan Ten Pottery Studio

Pottery by Shannon Kelly

Orphan Ten is my backyard pottery studio, named after a Modern-Shed that was “orphaned” after a developer took delivery of seven of ten units before running out of money. 

Aside from being a lucky number, #10 was the last in the production line and easily customizable to accommodate a kiln and potters wheel. 

The name is also an homage to my grandmother Lillian - who was orphaned at 3yrs old and adopted at 7yrs old. She was a champion of creativity, and when I’d paint outside the lines on the picnic table, she would simply wash it off at the end of the day with a hose. In her sixties, my Grandma took up painting and became quite the accomplished artist, selling her landscape and floral scenes locally. 

I love how the name Orphan Ten reflects the past, present, and future of the space and my work as a ceramic artist. 

Artist Statement